Headquarters Ridgeway Mine

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Kennecott Employees: 5

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kennecott Minerals Company was organized in 1993 to manage, develop and operate diversified minerals properties throughout North America...Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Prior to that time, operations were managed by various entities within Kennecott Corporation.

Today, as one of the six global product business units of London-based Rio Tinto, the world's largest minerals company, Kennecott Minerals is charged with the responsibility of exploring for, developing, producing and managing precious and base metal mines.

Calling upon the skills and talents of mining professionals in all disciplines, the company manages some of the most productive mineral deposits and mining operations in North America.

Preparing for the future, Kennecott Minerals is constantly searching throughout North America for new mineral deposits to expand its operating base and replenish reserves as they are mined.

Wherever Kennecott Minerals has operations, every effort is made to be a good neighbor to the surrounding local communities.

The management of each operation is committed to establishing mutual respect between Kennecott Minerals and local communities.

Kennecott Minerals' management and personnel also work closely with local communities, and regional and national governments, to establish active partnerships for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Long-term commitments to local communities is a goal of Kennecott Minerals so that social and economic well-being are safeguarded and hopefully enhanced through the mine's life and beyond.

As a good and welcomed corporate neighbor, Kennecott Minerals has the highest standards for health, safety and environmental quality for its operations, which generally exceed those established by government agencies.

Excellent employment opportunities, combined with local payrolls and taxes and the purchase of goods and services within the community, makes Kennecott Minerals Company a valuable community asset and a solid corporate citizen.
Kennecott Minerals Company Health, Safety adn Environment PolicyKennecott Minerals Company Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Kennecott Minerals Company Community PolicyKennecott Minerals Company Communities Policy

Kennecott Minerals Company Community PolicyKennecott Minerals Company Sustainable Development Policy

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